The Futures and Academy Overview

The Futures and Academy Programs Overview

Welcome to the Futures and Academy Programs section of our website! Both our Futures and Academy programs are designed to instill a passion for the game of soccer for the youngest age of players in our club. Our Futures program is for players ages 5-8, and instills the fundamentals of soccer in each individual through a fun, creative, and player-centered environment. The Academy Program is our transition to travel program and targets players ages 9-10. Our Academy Program builds upon the skills learned in the Futures Program, and is grounded in our Central Virginia United Soccer Club Player Development Curriculum. Players will begin to develop a strong base of technical skills as well as a sense of postioning on both offense and defense. You can learn more about our Academy Program philosophy by looking through the resources on the side navigation menu. 

If you would like to register for either or Futures and/or our Academy program you can do so at the following link and by selecting the appropriate menu from the dropdown menu.  

If you are wondering whether you should sign up your child for our Futures or Academy program, or you are looking to improve your child's soccer skills, we highly suggest our Development Academy Camp on August 6th-9th. This is a great way to see if your child may be interested in either our Futures or Academy Program. This camp is open to all players of all ages and abilities born from 2012-2009 and will focus on sharpening the fundamental soccer skills that make a good soccer player. You can sign up here and by selecting Developent Academy Camp from the dropdown menu. 

Please direct any further questions you may have about our Programs by visiting our Contact Us page.